Frisson 3

Frisson 3 is on JL Tower nightly
6PM 7PM 10PM & 11PM
Audio on FM 106.1 & online
Monday Feb 9 - Sunday Feb 15

A new interactive light/sound work by Christopher Jette with Yngvil Vatn Guttu and Cody Keim
Frisson3 – An interdomestic anatonic mudeo-visic event in Anchorage (read: synchronized house concert)

Attend one of three simultaneous house concerts
on Feb 08 2015 @ 6:00PM

Watch and Listen - Frisson 3 in the wild

After the concert, the work will be play four times daily between February 9 - 15 at 6:00 PM, 7:00 PM, 10:00 PM & 11:00 PM. The audio is broadcast on FM radio 106.1 KONR Anchorage and the lights are atop the JL Tower at 3800 Centerpoint Drive Anchorage. You can also download an mp3 here and synchronize the audio with the start of the light show.

Further Event info:

The Light Brigade Presents
Frisson: A Winter Light Brigade Landmark Series
(Frisson – A sudden strong feeling of excitement or fear)

As part of the ongoing Light Brigade commitment to Anchorage’s future as a great winter city we announce our next effort to activate spaces in our local built and natural environment.

In collaboration with JL Properties and KONR the Light Brigade will create a series of light and sound shows on one of Anchorage’s architectural landmarks, the JL Tower by activating its rooftop light sculpture and broadcasting the musical accompaniment via FM station 106.1.

Four teams of Light Brigade designer/programmers and composers will each create a light and sound piece that will be performed and broadcast for one week in early December, January, February and March of this winter.

The Frisson series can also be viewed from multiple vantage points across the city of Anchorage. Here is a list of some of the excellent places to see (and hear it by tuning in your radio to FM 106.1) from inside your car, or indoors or on a well-placed balcony. In addition to these sites we encourage you to explore and discover your own viewing platform. Or plan a house party where someone you know has a good viewing angle. Have fun and congregate in winter!

The west-facing side of the Loussac Library visitors parking lot
The patio outside the main 2nd floor entrance to the Loussac Library
The west-facing windows across from the stacks indoors on the Loussac Library 3rd
The upper deck of the Frontier Bldg. parking garage (36th and C Street)